July 14th, 2016

We’re updating our hosting services

cloud hosting

Offering you a simpler way to stay secure

In the past, we’ve avoided hosting our clients’ sites. We’ve had strong philosophical reasons for this, all of which boil down to: we want you to be in charge of your own site. So many times, we’ve seen web developers use hosting as a way of holding their clients hostage. By keeping the website on their server, they ensure that their clients have to go through them in order to use it.

This goes completely against our philosophy of transparency and user empowerment. We don’t want to hold your website hostage: we want to give you complete access. So we’ve put our clients in charge of the server, and shared access for any updates we need to go in and take care of. And it worked pretty well, up to a point.

We love transparency. But we also love simplicity.

Many of our clients looking for a custom website have unique needs, and for them our traditional solution is often the best. But for our clients who are opting for our newer, packaged service, we wanted to offer a more streamlined option.

Recently, we’ve realized that while our plan gives our clients full transparency, it makes other services more of a hassle. Hosting comes with various costs attached to keep your site secure. And we have updates to maintain so that everything stays in working order. And when each of these costs are treated separately, it means our clients have to keep track of numerous small monthly bills, as well as our quarterly maintenance.

It’s hardly convenient.

So we’ve created a solution that we believe solves both these problems: you retain full access to your site, and we take on some of the maintenance that will make your life run more smoothly.

What do you get with our new plan?

We broke down the numbers, and by bundling our services and streamlining the process we can bring you everything you need to maintain a secure and efficient website for $100/mo. This includes:

  • VPS Hosting on our managed server
    Optimized for WordPress and our plugins, monitored 24/7
  • Static IP
    Required for SSL Encryption for eCommerce
  • Optimized DNS through CloudFlare PRO
    Increases speed and security in a big way
  • SSL encryption
    Required for eCommerce, renewed annually (we take care of all of it!)
  • Plugin Licenses and updates
    Tech changes every day, premium plugin updates keep your site secure
  • Quarterly maintenance
    Website’s need a regular checkup to ensure good health, and to stay up to date!

This means you don’t have to think about that quarterly maintenance bill, or keeping track of your licensing updates, and all your bills for hosting and CloudFlare are in one place. We do our best work, and you don’t have to worry about it.

Because that’s the way we believe businesses should be run.

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