August 8th, 2019

Site Launch Announcement: Friedman Real Estate Is Live!

Author: Laura Lynch
Laura Lynch
Director of Marketing

We’ve launched the new website for Friedman Real Estate!

It’s been a busy year for us, but we’re proud to announce that one of our most recent clients, Friedman Real Estate, has launched their new site! As a major corporate real estate firm with offices across the country, they serve a wide customer base including any large property owners interested in buying multifamily buildings, such as apartments or condos, or those interested in expanding their corporate leasing portfolio.

A respected site in need of a new update.

Their old website wasn’t meeting their standards, so they contacted us for assistance in updating the design. We worked alongside their in-house team in an advisory role to help bring their website up to modern standards.

Intuitive content management.

Building a functional website isn’t just about the front end—which visitors can see—but about creating a backend environment that allows the website owners to easily update their content. Friedman’s old site already ran on WordPress, but we helped integrate their content management system with the new Gutenberg way of doing things which helps users see how their updates will appear on the frontend of the website.

Revamped visitor pathways.

Finally, we took a hard look at the areas of their site that would be the most interesting or important to their potential clients. Then we provided tools to help Friedman better direct their visitors toward the most relevant information. With better user pathways, we hope Friedman will see a rise in interested customers contacting them through their site.

Putting a brand vision into practice.

At the end of the day, this project was about helping Friedman Real Estate realize their brand vision on the new website. We’re excited to have accomplished that goal for them, and we look forward to seeing how far their new web design will carry them!

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