February 23rd, 2018

Top 4 WordPress Plugins to Boost Your Content Marketing

Author: Eric Lynch
Eric Lynch
Partner & Director of Business Development

top 4 wordpress plugins for content marketing

If you’re a content marketer you’re always looking for more ways to get your content out there to increase website traffic. As the industry continues to grow this can become increasingly difficult. There’s more competition in content marketing, so any advantage is helpful.

As a WordPress user we have some unique advantages in content marketing over other CMS systems. This is especially true when it comes to the robust plugin repository we have access to. While other CMS systems and even custom development can offer the same concepts, WordPress gives us the ability to do it more efficiently. This leaves more time for doing the tasks and not worrying about the code as much.

So let’s take a look at 4 WordPress Plugins that will help boost your content marketing.

SEO Plugins

If you’re doing any marketing with your website, you know the importance of making sure your blogs and pages are as SEO optimized as possible. It’s easy as content marketers to want to just write and write, without thinking of how it affects the search engines.

Yoast helps us easily identify how our work is complying with the current trends in on-page optimization. It tells you everything from word count to where you can make improvements in your content.

It also tells you your readability score, if you have a lot off passive voice tones in your writing, etc. While these aren’t necessarily huge for SEO, they certainly can help you be a better writer.

Related Posts

Bounce rate is a concern for any marketer. This is especially important if you have a post that is  highly trafficked. People will come to your site, read the content piece and then take off. Well, that’s not going to help your bounce rate, especially for the visitors who shoot through it quickly.

One way to get them interested in looking at more is giving them a chance to read some related articles that you’ve written. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) is one of many tools that can help you get people to look at additional content that you’ve created.

Similar to related products on an e-commerce website, it gives the visitor the opportunity to find exactly what they wanted, or just educate themselves further.

Rich Snippets / Schema Markup

If you don’t know what schema markup is, it’s code that you put on your website to help search engines know what your page is all about. It can be a time consuming, but important way to grow your search rankings for your content. All In One Schema Rich Snippets is there to help mitigate that time.

This is especially true if you write about products or services. Customers can review your product or service pages and content, and those reviews and ratings can help Google know that people like what you do. Since Google’s job is to deliver searchers to the best outcome, telling them that you’ve got that is one way to tell them that they should rank you higher.

Reviving Old Content

We try our hardest to write new content every day. But not everyone has the luxury of multiple content marketers on one team. So to keep “new” content in your social feeds every day, using a content recycling plugin can help you schedule old popular posts and breathe new life into them.

Even those that have the ability to create content every day can benefit. We have bank of hundreds of blogs, which means we can post multiple times a day to social media. Giving us more opportunity to connect with our audience. The plugin Reviving Old Posts can help you accomplish this goal.

This is Why We Love WordPress

WordPress started as a blogging platform, so it’s no wonder that some of their most robust and well supported plugins are based around content marketing. Using these tools help hundreds of thousands of businesses and bloggers around the world to amplify content, make sure it’s SEO friendly, and keep readers engaged. If you’re looking for other SEO tools to help you as well, (that aren’t WordPress plugins) check out our list of top SEO tools for your content marketing.

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