Competitive Landscape Analysis

Know where you stand.

Have you ever felt lost amidst the competition? Not sure how you’re measuring up? You think you’re doing well, but you can’t shake the sense that you’re missing something big?

In moments like this, it’s a wise idea to stop and look around you. But getting the full picture requires a methodical approach and keen analysis. That’s where we come in.

Strategic, methodical, competitor analysis.

We begin our competitive landscape analysis (CLA) by identifying at least two competitive groups: your peers, and your aspirations. Next, we identify which elements we will be comparing across sites, and we begin to compile a data set that shows what your competitors are doing.

Do you want to learn about their branding? We can compare color schemes, style elements, and messaging. Interested in design? We can look at the functionality of their site, how they’re organizing their menus, and what kind of imagery they’ve chosen. Social media? We can audit their channels and research their activity. Because with marketing automation, less is more.

Dispense with indecision.

For businesses that understand they’re falling behind the competition but don’t know how to take action, a CLA brings clarity to the table. You don’t have to make your decisions in the dark. Instead, see what others are doing and make your decisions strategically, with the full picture before you.

We often find that CLAs resolve hesitations and make the way forward obvious. Once you can see what everyone else is doing—including what’s working and what isn’t—you will know how to set yourself apart. It’s not about imitation; it’s about differentiation.

Anything they can do you can do better.

Let’s face it: your competition comes up with some pretty good ideas. That’s why they’re competitive. And sometimes, the thing they’re doing is something you should try doing, too—but with your own twist.

Running a CLA can help you spot emerging trends, find services that are missing from your current offerings, and identify marketing strategies that will help you not only keep pace, but gain a lead.

What you don't know can hurt you.

Ignorance isn’t bliss—it’s ignorance. And in a competitive market, it is fatal to your business.
By staying alert to changes in the marketplace, you can adapt before a threat emerges.
A CLA helps you keep one eye on the competition, and the other on the road before you.

91% of our clients come back for another project or new features.  Thats how we measure success.

Because what we do works, and that’s powerful.



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